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Simple, Comfortable

Think of Mute as the first line of defense against snoring and sleep disruption. It’s a simple snoring remedy — a small device made of soft, adjustable polymers that sits comfortably inside your nose, increasing airflow and improving breathing.

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Every body is different, and every nose is too. Start your journey to better sleep by finding your perfect fit.

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Getting Mute Just Right

It’s just a few simple steps to a better night’s sleep.


Pro tip: Looking in a mirror can be helpful at first — you’ll master Mute in no time. Hold the bridge of the device with the loops facing you and the paddles facing outward.


Gently place the loops inside your nose and tilt the bridge upwards towards the tip of your nose as you insert.


Mute should sit all the way inside your nose. The bridge should show, spanning the nostrils. If your Mute device is hanging out, it may be too big.


You can easily adjust your device to make it more comfortable. Expand the loops by gently clicking the paddles outward. Each side can be adjusted separately for the perfect fit.

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