More about Mute

  • What is Mute?

    Mute is a patented respiratory technology designed to gently stent open your nasal airway during sleep. By increasing the volume of air travelling through the nose and making nasal breathing easier, Mute may alleviate the incidence and severity of snoring.

  • Why is Mute going to work?

    Mute has been designed with the anatomy of your nose in mind. It sits comfortably in the nose and by gently dilating the airway, it may alleviate nasal congestion and obstruction, making it easier to breathe. By breathing more freely through the nose, the need to breathe through the mouth is eliminated, which is a common cause of snoring. Mute is available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) and has a patented independently adjustable dilation system to further personalise the fit to each nostril.

  • How long do I use Mute for before I start to feel better?

    Once the snorer has correctly fitted Mute, they should be able to feel a noticeable increase in airflow through the nose immediately. By using Mute each night, both the snorer and their partner may feel the benefits of uninterrupted sleep from the very first night. Regular sleep interruptions caused by snoring may interfere with your natural 90 minute sleep cycle, preventing you from reaching the deep sleep phase. It’s critical the body reaches the deep sleep phase to recover physically and mentally from daily activities. Using Mute over time to improve sleep quality may produce many individual health benefits including a reduction in daytime drowsiness and an improvement in mood, concentration and memory.

  • Why is it important to get the right size?

    When Mute is the right size it will fit snugly and be comfortable to wear throughout the night. If it’s too small then it may fall out and/or not open your nose enough to reduce snoring. If Mute is too large then it may not fit inside the nose at all or it may feel uncomfortable. You can purchase a Mute Trial Pack containing all three sizes, which will allow you to find the right size for your nose.

  • What is Mute made from?

    Mute is made from ultra-soft medical grade polymers to ensure comfort throughout the night.

  • Why does Mute have adjustable paddles?

    Just like the rest of our faces, our noses are not symmetrical. There are small differences between the size, shape and structure of our two nostrils. These small differences may be normal, the result of scar tissue from surgery or from trauma to the nose. Mute’s independent dilation system (adjustable paddles) allows snorers to counteract any asymmetry by personalising the fit of Mute for maximum airway dilation and comfort.

  • Why does Mute have ribbed paddles?

    The soft ribbed paddles on Mute’s dilation system help Mute stay in place throughout the night, minimising the chance of the device shifting its position during sleep. The ribbed paddles also provide a cushioning effect where Mute is in contact with the internal walls of the nose.

  • How long should I use Mute for?

    Each Mute device can be worn for up to 8 hours each night, for up to 10 nights.

  • Should I clean Mute?

    Immediately after use wash Mute thoroughly in warm water with mild soap paying close attention to the dilation mechanism. Rinse the device thoroughly under running water and dry well before storing at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.

  • Why should I change Mute after 10 nights?

    Testing has shown that to optimise the performance of the device, comfort and fit, Mute should be replaced after 10 uses. While Mute may appear fit for use beyond 10 nights, optimal device performance cannot be guaranteed because:
    1. Of the risk of bacteria accumulation and the maintenance of hygiene standards.
    2. The device may discolour or the ultra-soft polymer may begin to stiffen affecting
    comfort. 3. The dilation mechanism will wear and may not hold its dilation effectively.

  • Who can use Mute?

    Mute has been designed for adults who snore due to night-time nasal congestion and/or obstruction causing them to mouth breathe. Mute is not appropriate for use by people under 12 years old.

  • Will Mute fix my sleep apnea?

    Mute nasal device is not for the treatment of sleep apnea. If you think that your snoring may be a symptom of sleep apnea, you should consult your doctor or a sleep specialist.

  • When should I use Mute?

    Mute should be fitted before bed and left in for the duration of sleep. When first using Mute, it is suggested that you fit the device and wear it for a couple of hours (during the day or before bed) to ensure you have the right fit and to familiarise yourself with the feeling of dilated airways. Most people find they get used to Mute after about 2 days.

  • Mute fell out during the night.

    Along with the soft ribs on the paddles to aid retention, Mute has been designed to use the natural anatomy of the nose to keep it in place throughout the night; however finding your correct size is key. If Mute is too small, the device may not be retained in your nose. The curved arms of Mute should hug the internal curve of your nostrils, with the ribbed paddles finishing in line with the top of your nostril crease (where your nostrils meet your cheek). If the paddles finish below this crease, try a larger size. When you start using Mute, you may also find that you unconsciously remove the device during the night because it is a new sensation. We recommend that you periodically wear Mute during the day for a couple of hours or before bed to get used to the feeling. It may be also helpful to clear your nose well before fitting.

  • What is the difference between Mute and Turbine?

    Our nasal respiratory technologies, Mute and Turbine are both designed to make breathing easier during sleep or during exercise, increasing airflow on average, up to 38%. However, as the needs of the sleeper and the athlete are very different, we have built some different features in to each product. During sleep, the device needs to be light and flexible to ensure it sits inside the nose comfortably throughout the night. To achieve this we have used more flexible and transparent materials to allow for different sleeping positions. For sport, comfort and retention during percussive movement is vital, so aside from choosing a different material combination, we have included additional retention features on the paddles and curved arms to comfortably hold it in place. Additionally, the Turbine includes a fine tuning feature allowing the wearer to easily adjust the dilation of each nostril while the device is in place, such as increasing the dilation when under heavy intense exercise.

  • I am still snoring even though I am using Mute (the correct size, fitted correctly).

    Mute is designed to reduce the incidence and severity of snoring by encouraging nasal breathing. Other tips to further reduce snoring include: alcohol reduction, sleeping on your side, getting fit and losing weight. Combined with Mute, snoring may be reduced, however, if snoring persists, we recommend talking to your doctor, as it may be a symptom of other sleep disorders.