You think you can’t escape snoring, but have you tried Mute?

You’ve tried nasal strips and sprays and different sleeping positions, you’ve humidified the bedroom and sipped pre-bed herbal infusions, but snoring still seems to be the most faithful companion to your sleeping time!

Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything, now is not the time to give up – it’s time to try new Mute, which is helping many snorers breathe more and snore less.

Mute is anatomically designed to stent the nasal airways, allowing snorers to breathe more easily through their nose and keep the mouth closed during sleep. In turn this reduces vibration in the airways that causes snoring. In trials, 75% of couples reported a reduction in the frequency and volume of snoring and found it more effective than other products. The technology behind Mute increases airflow on average by 38%, which may alleviate congestion, another critical factor to a reduction in snoring and a better quality of sleep.


Mute has even managed to quieten down the sounds of ‘a low-flying jet’, from the UK’s loudest snorer, Jenny Chapman. So, why not act now, and give the trial pack a go? Follow this link to get yourself a Mute starter pack and find your perfect size!

Image Credit: Daily Mail

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