Warnings About Mouth Breathing

ABC-TV News viewers across Southern California may be a little more reluctant to breathe through their mouths after watching this interview with breathing specialist and author Patrick McKeown. He warned KABC-Los Angeles News anchors Miriam Hernandez and Coleen Sullivan about the health dangers of mouth breathing and over-breathing, and described how using Mute may benefit your brain cells.

Explained McKeown, “Mouth breathing is endemic, both for children and adults, both during the day and also during sleep. It pretty much wreaks havoc … If you breathe through your mouth and breathe hard, there’s less oxygen delivery to the cells.” This makes us more prone to high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, depression, sleep-disordered breathing, asthma and fatigue.

Thankfully, McKeown also shared ways to protect your health. “You can influence your body’s oxygenation by breathing normally. Normal breathing is through the nose, light and quiet. Notice how you breathe through the day and practice how you breathe during your sleep.”

One signal that you may not be breathing well at night is snoring. Said McKeown, “If you think about snoring, it’s the exchange of a large volume through a narrow space. People who snore breathe hard. So what we want to do is open up the nose but we also want to bring down breathing volume. So, there’s breathing re-education: simple exercises that you practice during the day and that help reset the breathing center in the brain, and then your breathing is lighter during sleep. And then open up the nose through nasal dilators, for example Mute.”

Mute helps open the airway during sleep. “If you look at my nostrils, they’re asymmetrical, they’re different sizes so I need to open up the airway.” He described how Mute does the task. “You insert them in the nose. They open up the nose and they make breathing easier.” He added that using Mute helps reduce snoring. 

“I have to emphasize the importance of nose breathing during sleep. If you have your mouth open, you’re twice as likely to have sleep problems including snoring and sleep apnea,” McKeown concluded.

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