Viewers Get Natural Tips To Address A “Spring Hangover”

Stress, allergies and congestion can have anyone feeling worn out this time of year, causing what one KRIV morning news host calls a “spring hangover”. While a good night’s rest may seem elusive, there are natural ways to awaken more refreshed. Holistic pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos showed Houston’s Fox Healthwatch viewers her favourite tactics for improving sleep, including Mute.        

Before you reach for an over-the-counter sleep aid, look at the underlying cause. According to Torkos, “Some of the biggest issues are stress and snoring.”

While you might soak away tension in a hot bath, or reduce stress and leg cramps by adding more magnesium to your diet, snoring may require a bit more innovation. It might be you or it might be your partner who snores, but either way Torkos suggested Mute might help. Mute is a nasal dilator which fits easily and comfortably inside the nose. “I love this. You insert this into the nostrils,” said Torkos. “It instantly opens them up and you get a rush of air. It increases airflow.”

By increasing the volume of air traveling through the nose as you sleep, Mute helps improve nasal breathing. This may reduce congestion and in turn reduce snoring, enhancing the quality of your sleep.

If you or your partner feel that “spring hangover” from lack of sleep caused by snoring or congestion, Mute might be an option. It’s easy to use, and comes in small, medium and large. Its adjustable paddles help ensure you get a custom fit. To end your “spring hangover” and get a better night’s rest, order Mute from Amazon or find it at nearby drug stores.

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