Oregon Viewers Learn That Mute Opens Nasal Airways For Better Sleep

What can you do right now to sleep better tonight? Board certified nutritionist and fitness expert Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, suggests stopping by your local pharmacy to buy Mute. Bowden revealed his favourite sleep tips during a recent interview on AM Northwest, a morning TV show on Portland, Oregon’s KATU-TV. He explained that Mute opens the nasal airway, which may stop snoring and help viewers get a better sleep.

Bowden stressed to host Helen Raptis that a good night’s sleep is critical. “This is the thing people need to know about sleep: It is not something that’s casual. All kinds of important things happen during sleep. Neurochemicals are replaced, bones and joints are repaired, cerebral spinal fluid flows through the brain and washes away waste products.”

Snoring can also affect personal relationships, he confirmed. “I cannot tell you how many relationships have been affected by snoring.  There’s just nothing romantic about hearing somebody sawing logs. That goes for women as well. I’ve heard of people having to sleep in separate bedrooms. This is not good for relationships, it’s not good for your physiology and it’s not good for your mental health.”

To help clear nasal blockage – one of the biggest causes of snoring – Bowden suggested Mute, which is easy to find because it’s available over the counter. “It’s just a little stent, and you put it into your nostrils. The minute you put it in, you feel a rush of air.” Mute is also reusable. “You can use it for a few nights, and one package will last you for the entire month. It’s just a great little device.”

For those interested in taking immediate action to sleep better tonight, Bowden suggested stopping at a local pharmacy to pick up a package of Mute. To find a store near you, or to purchase online, visit www.mutesnoring.com. Mute is also available at Amazon.com.

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