Oregon Viewers Get Top Pharmacist’s Advice On How To Curb Snoring

Most of us don’t always consult a pharmacist when we shop at a drug store. But when Afternoon Live viewers go into their local Walgreens or Bartell Drugs seeking help for snoring, they’ll already have a top pharmacist’s advice. They’ll head right for the Mute display. That’s because when well-known holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos appeared on Portland, Oregon’s popular midday TV show, she explained that Mute opens the airway to curb snoring.

Torkos told host Kara Mack that Mute is, “something for snoring that’s going to benefit the snorer and also their partner. … Let’s face it: It’s not just the person snoring that’s impacted by what’s happening in the night. It’s also their partner. And I know, from living with a snorer.”

We were pleased that Torkos explained why Mute is unique. “It’s the latest in breathing technology,” she said. Mute is a nasal dilator, like a stent, that comfortably opens the nasal passages. “You put [Mute] in and you instantly get a rush of air. It helps with breathing.”

When snoring is caused by an obstruction such as congestion or a deviated septum, using Mute may quiet the noise so both partners awaken more refreshed. “It helps improve sleep…,[and] may help reduce snoring…, which is just so important,” Torkos confirmed. She added that with Mute, upper airway snorers are less likely to be awakened by middle-of-the-night elbowing or kicks delivered by a frustrated partner.

Mute is reusable and comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. Its patented, independently adjustable dilation system further personalizes the fit to each nostril. Discover your best fit here. Use our store locator page to find Mute in a store near you, or visit our Amazon page.

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