Mute Made A Big Impression On This TV Health Celebrity

A healthy lifestyle is more than juicing your kale and hitting the gym. According to popular health and wellness expert Dr. Felicia Stoler, you also need good, quality sleep. We couldn’t agree more, Felicia! As this respected TV personality and author said when she appeared on Fox News in Baltimore, Mute may help you achieve a more perfect slumber by improving your nasal breathing. Even better: Your peaceful sleep just may improve your relationship. How cool is that?

Stoler was on TV to share tips on developing healthy habits. As she pointed out, we may have good intentions, but making better lifestyle choices isn’t always our top priority. So Stoler made it personal: “The best thing that you can do to love yourself is to be good to yourself and care for yourself.”

Stoler encouraged viewers to make sleep a priority. “Sleep is really important. We need to get enough of it and we need good quality sleep,” she said before launching into that age-old sleep stopper, snoring. “It (snoring) can be a problem in relationships,” said Stoler. It sure can. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 24 percent of couples sleep in separate rooms. In one study, a third of respondents said their partner’s disruptive sleep habits affected the quality of their relationships.

We were excited by Stoler’s suggestion. “This is a very cool product that’s found at Walgreens. It’s called Mute.” She explained how Mute opens your nasal passages, reducing your reliance on mouth breathing. This may reduce snoring. “It literally stents your nasal passages to open the airway. It helps to improve nasal breathing while you sleep.”

In clinical trials, 75 percent* of couples reported a reduction in the frequency and volume of snoring when using Mute.

So take the advice of this TV health pro and grab Mute next time you’re at Walgreens, Bartell Drug, CVS or a Duane Reade store. Or pick it up at Amazon. It’s an easy way to show yourself (and your partner) some love.

* results may vary. (n=236, 2014 trial)

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