Morning Show Takes Viewers On A Spring Clean Of Their Medicine Cabinets

This year, in addition to spring cleaning your closets and garage, you might also want to clear out your medicine cabinet. Sacramento viewers of the Fox lifestyle show Studio 40 Live learned how to do a natural medicine cabinet makeover, thanks to Sherry Torkos, holistic pharmacist and author. Torkos included Mute in this interview (below) as a natural way to deal with allergies, congestion and snoring. By improving breathing, Mute helps both you and your partner get a better night’s rest.

Just as flinging open the windows while you’re cleaning will give you a delightful breath of fresh air, Mute uses innovative breathing technology – originally developed for athletes – to increase airflow as you breathe through your nose. It is a nasal dilator, like a stent, that comfortably opens the nasal passages.

Torkos explained that, “You insert this into the nasal passages and it instantly opens up the [airway] , increasing airflow.” This is especially helpful if you or your partner suffer from allergies and congestion, or have a deviated septum and have trouble breathing through the nose during the night.


“It’s great for snorers and their partners,” she reported. Restoring good sleep patterns is important as it may guard against risks to health and improve daytime functioning.  Both snorers and their partners report a better night’s sleep when Mute is used*, waking more refreshed.


So, don’t let a stuffy nose due to springtime allergies steal your sleep. Better rest may mean you’re more alert and able to enjoy your favorite springtime activities such as hiking, fishing and biking. If you’re new to Mute, start by watching our video on how to use Mute. Then use our store locator to buy Mute so you may start breathing and sleeping better at night.

* Mute user study, 114 couples, 2014. Results may vary.

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