7 ways snoring affects your day

  1. You’re sleep deprived and tired and so is your partner. No one likes starting the day that way!
  2. You lack of concentration. This is definitely something that cannot be tampered with, especially at work with important activities all day long.
  3. Your appearance suffers. Everyone likes to look their best – no one wants to see those black bags underneath your eyes with a face that cries out extreme fatigue!
  4. You feel anxious and moody. A restless night means a restless day full of frustration and anger. It’s not pleasant for your colleagues when you become irritated and snap, and it’s certainly not something your family want to come home to either.
  5. Your muscles ache. Poor sleep amounts to a feeling of tiredness and exhaustion that leads your body to lack energy and strength.
  6. You try to compensate with too much caffeine. Although you may feel your caffeine supply works successfully in the short term by keeping you awake and buzzing, the long term effects are damaging to your body. These health risks can cause serious consequences and make you all the more tired.
  7. You feel like you’re ruining relationships that mean the most to you. Annoying your loved ones can be an upsetting cyclical pattern. It needs to be broken right away with Mute!


So are you sick of the 7 ways snoring is affecting your day? Then try Mute – it’s anatomically designed to stent the nasal airways, allowing snorers to breathe more easily through their nose and keep the mouth closed during sleep. It’s available in a Trial pack and as well as three sizes.

Go on then, give Mute a try – it’s cheaper than a divorce!

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