Lifezette Article Gives Couples Advice On How To Mute Snoring Issues

Well-known alternative health expert Bryce Wylde snores, and his wife isn’t too happy about it. In his LifeZette digital magazine article, this best-selling author revealed to millions of readers how using Mute is pleasing his wife and may save him a trip to the surgeon’s office. Other couples in a similar situation may want to take note.

Wylde has traveled the world seeking natural alternatives, but admitted that a good snoring product has been hard to find. “I’ve tried everything, even sewing a tennis ball into the back of my pyjama  top – seriously. And I know I’m not alone in trying to find something, anything, that will work. Some 90 million Americans are affected by snoring.”

Wylde also acknowledged that snoring can create marriage and relationship issues. “Twenty-four percent of couples actually sleep in separate rooms because of snoring, according to the National Sleep Foundation,” he noted. And the effects of snoring extend beyond that. “Two out of every five people (17 to 23 percent) indicate their intimate/sexual relationships are affected because they are too sleepy. Another 51 to 62 percent agree that not getting enough sleep impacts their relationships with family or friends.”

Wylde listed seven natural remedies, including his personal choice, Mute. “A sleep aid known as Mute is a patented nasal technology that had radically improved the way I breathe, sleep and even run,” Wylde wrote. “It’s a simple drug-free nasal device that you insert effortlessly.” Mute works from the inside, comfortably opening the nasal airways to enable better airflow. “I’ve found this hugely helpful – and as someone who values their sleep, this has meant the world to my wife!” Wylde, whose deviated septum causes his snoring, also said that Mute saved him a trip to the surgeon to get his nose fixed.

For better sleep, Wylde also suggested in his article include sticking to a regular sleeping schedule, watching what you eat and drink, shutting down lights and electronics before bed, avoiding long naps, daily exercise and stress management.

Open nasal passages may help snorers breathe easier and keep their mouths closed while they sleep. Similar to a stent, Mute may help clear those nasal passages. In fact, in a user trial  study, 75 percent* of users snored less when they used Mute.

If you or your spouse snore, particularly where nasal obstruction and congestion is an issue, consider adding Mute to your shopping list the next time you’re at the drug store, or go to the Buy Now page. Mute comes in three different sizes to best fit different noses (discover what size you need with this fit guide).


*results may vary (2014 User Trial n=236, 2014)

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