The Way You Breathe Could Be Why You Feel Tired

It’s never too late to improve the way you breathe. As internationally recognised sleep dentist Dr Steven Lamberg highlights, breathing issues may be the root cause to many common ailments.  “Breathing issues in adults are associated with high blood pressure, heart problems, strokes and diabetes. Sadly, these are often the result of airway deviations that started developing when these patients were as young as two years old,” explains Dr Lamberg.

Lamberg explains how modern lifestyles are putting us and especially children at risk. He says about 500 physicians refer adult patients to his Long Island, New York clinic for airway treatment. “Much of what I’m treating now is completely preventable.” “Kids are eating so many soft foods that their muscles don’t have to work as hard as previous generations…exposure to pesticides and herbicides may cause airway inflammation…and Mouth breathers may be sick more often because they lose a lot of the immune benefits of nitric oxide, which is created in their nasal sinuses.”

In addition to mouth breathing, Lamberg outlines other signs of potential airway issues, such as: parted lips when at rest; a forward head posture; high narrow palate and/or scalloped tongue; poor facial symmetry, or nasal sounding speech.

Lamberg says that while the optimal time to evaluate airway issues is in children, you are never too old to do something about it. There are always things that can be done. “There are lots of options, ranging from Mute to dental appliances to surgery. I’ve treated people in their 80s to help expand their airways.

“If I see that a new patient has a small nasal pathway, I reach into my desk and give them a box of Mute nasal dilators.” Mute is anatomically shaped to sit comfortably inside the nose. It gently expands the nasal passages, increases the volume of air traveling through the nose making nasal breathing easier to achieve.

“When patients try Mute, I see their eyes change! They can’t believe how great it feels. I like Mute because it is inconspicuous and easy. People don’t mind wearing them. ” Mute is an easy way to test if an over-the-counter device might improve your breathing.

Mute is made from ultra-soft medical grade polymers to ensure comfort throughout the night. Be sure to watch our video on how to use Mute, and then use our store locator to buy Mute, or purchase on Amazon.

Dr. Steven Lamberg is a sleep dentist in Long Island, USA. He lectures internationally on dental sleep medicine.

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