Expert On Eye Opener TV Suggests Snoring Device For Noisy Bed Partners

Sure you love them, but sleeping next to a snorer is about as restful as sleeping next to a jackhammer. Instead of constantly waking your partner so you can sleep better, ask them to try Mute. Health specialist Dr. Michael Gelb suggested Mute to TV audiences during his appearance on Eye Opener, a morning show syndicated in Houston, Dallas and Philadelphia. A top expert in breathing-related sleep disorders and author of “Gasp!: Airway Health – The Hidden Path to Wellness”, Gelb explained how Mute may help your partner to sleep snore-free, so both of you can get more rest.

Although snoring is common, its causes are varied. Sometimes it’s caused by deformities of the nasal septum or other internal nasal structures. As Gelb explained to host Courtenay DeHoff, one of the biggest culprits is a blocked nasal airway. Opening that airway helps improve oxygen flow, which may help reduce snoring and lead to better sleep.

When DeHoff asked Gelb about ways to help reduce snoring, Gelb had a great and simple suggestion: Mute. “You can find these in most stores,” he said. “This actually goes in the nose, and it keeps the nose from closing at night.” Once the snorer inserts Mute, they should notice an instant increase in nasal airflow. Gelb explained that if someone has a cold, or just cannot breathe through their nose, Mute may help alleviate their snoring.  In a recent trial, 75 percent* of Mute users found it reduced or stopped their snoring. Using Mute over time to open nasal airways may help obtain better sleep. Sleep has a profound impact on our health. If sleep fails, then health declines, decreasing quality of life(1).

For a better night’s sleep, snorers and their partners may want to take Gelb’s advice and try Mute. After all, this health specialist has been treating people with breathing-related sleep disorders for more than 30 years. Discover which size Mute fits best, and buy it now!

1  World Sleep Day 2017 Tool Kit, World Sleep Society.

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