Breathing Expert Suggests Mute To Drowsy Women’s Magazine Readers

Dr. Michael Gelb, a top expert in breathing-related sleep disorders, recommended Mute in an interview with Marie Claire magazine! The popular national women’s magazine asked Gelb for his advice on ways to fall asleep faster. Gelb blamed at least some of our sleeplessness on the common yet under-discussed problem of narrow airways, which may also cause thunderous snoring. He then described how Mute may easily improve breathing. We couldn’t be happier that he told readers how they might ‘Mute’ their struggle to get a better night’s sleep!

Gelb explained why keeping the nasal passage clear may help some people sleep better and longer. “When a lot of people fall asleep they actually get even less oxygen than when they’re awake and as a result, have more disturbed sleep,” he told author Lori Keong. Gelb recommended Mute because, “… it’s the best way to help maintain an open airflow.” And since he’d been treating people with breathing-related sleep disorders for more than 30 years, we’d say that’s high praise!


Marie Claire readers also learned that Mute is easy to use and re-usable. It is specially designed to slip into both nostrils and gently force open the nasal passage from the inside, instead of other sleep aids, such as nasal strips, that work from the outside.

Gelb’s other sleep tips included using a humidifier to improve air quality, investing in good sheets and propping your head at a 45-degree angle with a wedge pillow.

Having a clearer nasal airway at night may lead to improved mood, concentration and memory during the day. All good reasons to ‘Mute’ your slumber problems, including snoring. You can find out what size fits you best here (ultra-soft Mute comes in three sizes), or if you are a first-time user, you may want to try the Mute trial pack when you hop over to the Buy Now page.

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