Become the silent partner this National Stop Snoring Week

Yes, it seems like there now is a dedicated day or week for almost anything these days, but did you know that this week is actually National Stop Snoring Week in the UK?

Monday 25th April marks the start of National Stop Snoring Week in the UK this year, raising awareness to the disruptive impacts and detrimental effects of snoring on your health, family and love life. With a whole week dedicated to snoring, it’s time for you or your snoring partner to address the problem – snoring doesn’t need to be something you have to live with; you can do something about it.

Try Mute, the amazing new snoring relief product that is quietening snorers all over the UK. This technologically advanced product acts like a nasal stent to help alleviate snoring and aid a good night’s sleep. Created by Australian company, Rhinomed, Mute allows snorers to breathe more easily through their nose and keep their mouth closed during sleep. In turn this reduces vibration in the airways that causes snoring.

In trials, 75% of couples reported a reduction in the frequency and volume of snoring. Easy to use, drug-free, discreet and available in small, medium and large which will fit most nose sizes. Mute is designed to fit the natural anatomy of the nose and it is adjustable so you can control the level of dilation and airflow.

Order your trial pack here – become the silent partner that your other half has been ‘dreaming’ of!


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