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Mute is a new technology developed by a team of specialists to alleviate the severity and incidence of snoring and improve your quality of sleep. Mute fits snugly into your nose while gently and comfortably dilating your nostrils as you sleep to help reduce snoring.

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“I’ve snored since I was five and over the years have tried pretty much everything. I’ve even considered surgery. The sound often wakes me up and most nights my husband Colin has to retreat to the spare room. I’ve tried Rhinomed’s product Mute a few times now and haven’t woken myself up once. My husband says my snoring is much reduced and much quieter, so I’m going to keep using it.”

– Mrs Jenny Chapman from Lincolnshire snores at 111.6 decibels – eight decibels louder than a low-flying jet

Read Jenny’s story published in the UK’s Daily Mail

How Does Work?

Made from ultra-soft medical grade polymers, Mute increases the volume of air travelling through the nose during sleep, encouraging nasal breathing, which may alleviate congestion – factors critical to help reduce snoring and provide a better quality of sleep.

Important: Mute nasal device is not for the treatment of sleep apnea. If you think that your snoring may be a symptom of sleep apnea, you should consult your doctor or a sleep specialist. 


Finding the right size for your nose is the first step in ensuring you get the very best result from Mute.

There are two simple ways to find the right size to fit your nose:

1. Try our Starter pack which includes one small, one medium and one large Mute. You can then try each size and see which works best for you. Follow the product instructions and watch the “How to Use Mute” video to help you get the right fit.

2. Download our print friendly Sizing Guide which will help you size your nose and select the right size Mute for you.

SIZING TIP: Generally men are Medium or Large and women are Small or Medium.

Facts about .

In a recent trial with 236 people, subjects reported







Designed For You.

More air during sleep

The benefits of increased air-flow through the nose during sleep may not stop with a reduction in snoring. It is likely you’ll wake from a ‘Mute’ sleep feeling more refreshed and invigorated – and your sleeping partner should too.

Clinically Proven

A clinical trial carried out by the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne, Australia showed that the technology platform increased air-flow through the nose by an average of 38% when compared to nasal strips.

Comfortably Effective

Hundreds of hours of careful research and development have been poured into Mute, resulting in a technology as effective as it is comfortable. Mute is designed to ensure the technology remains comfortably in place throughout the night.

The Perfect Fit

Just as no human face is the same, so it is with the human nose. Mute’s three sizes and patented independent dilation system allows for subtle adjustment from one nostril to the other, ensuring optimal air-flow through both passages of your nose.

vs Snoring.

  • Is Mute right for you?

    Mute is designed specifically to correct the issue of poor air-flow through the nose to the lungs by stenting your nasal valves and preventing airway collapse.

  • Getting the right fit

    Ensuring you have the right Mute size and fit is essential to gaining a maximum reduction in snoring and increase in sleep quality.

    Read more about fitting Mute correctly.

  • What causes snoring?

    Snoring is very common and it often has more than one cause. Underlying causes of snoring can be difficult to diagnose and may relate to deformities of the nasal septum (the cartilage between the two sides of the nose) and the other internal nasal structures. Infrequent snoring may be caused by temporary blockages of the nose due to nasal allergies or colds or can result from the use of medication or alcohol. It is not uncommon for women to snore during pregnancy.

    Snoring can also occur as a result of poor nasal air-flow. For some people, the body’s automatic response during sleep is to open the mouth increasing the likelihood of snoring because the air hits the back of the throat creating vibrations in the soft tissues.

Other ways to help

  • Stay Hydrated

    Secretions in your nose and soft palate become stickier when you’re dehydrated, increasing the likelihood of snoring.

  • Avoid Alcohol

    Alcohol and sedatives reduce the resting tone of the muscles in your airways and increase the likelihood of snoring. It is widely accepted that drinking alcohol four to five hours before sleeping worsens snoring.

  • Breathing Exercise

    Activities which involve careful coordination and control of your breathing (such as yoga and even playing the didgeridoo) may assist in a reduction of snoring.

  • Lose Weight

    Obesity is a major contributor to a whole range of health issues like snoring. By shedding a few kilos you can reduce the amount of fatty tissue at the back of your upper airways and throat, which can make a difference.

  • Change Sleep Position

    Sleeping on your side may help prevent the base of your tongue and soft palate collapsing into the back wall of your throat. Consider whether a pillow might help to keep you on your side. Using a large pillow to keep your head up and extended may also help to keep your air passages open and reduce your snoring. If you continue snoring regardless of your sleep position you should consult your doctor.

  • Change your pillows.

    Allergens and dust mites in your bedroom may contribute to snoring. Consider washing or replacing your pillows and dusting the bedroom environment.

  • Practice good sleep habits.

    Poor sleep habits (also known as ‘sleep hygiene’) can have an effect similar to drinking alcohol. Exhaustion and over-tiredness can cause muscles to become relaxed and increase the incidence of snoring. Wherever possible enact and follow through with a planned sleep routine. Visit Breathing Space by Rhinomed for more information on how to plan for a better sleep.

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It's easy to work out what size you need using our Mute Sizing Guide (download now). Mute is also available in a starter pack (containing small, medium and large size in one handy pack). Each Mute will last ten days.

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