Sleep expert recommends Mute on LIVE with Kelly!

Kelly Ripa may be getting more rest lately, thanks to Mute. Her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, tried Mute during a recent LIVE with Kelly segment, and proclaimed that it felt good! Like 90 million people across the America(1), Consuelos snores. In a segment called ‘The Snoring Survival Guide’, Michael Breus, Ph.D., aka the ‘Sleep Doctor’, suggested that Consuelos try Mute as a helpful over-the-counter snoring solution.

Breus explained that snoring is actually air turbulence in the airway. Air comes in too fast through narrow airways and causes snoring. Breus suggested Mute to improve breathing. We were so excited when Consuelos tried Mute on TV.

Breus explained that not everyone who snores is overweight, citing exercise and alcohol as two other common reasons why someone might snore now and then. He also revealed that Consuelos’ snoring is impacting Ripa’s ability to get a good night’s sleep.

When Ripa asked about solutions to her husband’s snoring, Brues quipped: “I’ve saved more marriages as a sleep doctor than I ever would have as a marital therapist by fixing snoring.” Breus had Consuelos try Mute in front of the show’s millions of TV viewers. “It’s an internal nasal dilator called Mute,” Breus explained. “It actually goes inside the nose and it actually opens up the nostrils.”

While Consuelos had a positive reaction to Mute, he had mixed reactions to the other suggestions, which included a wedge pillow and a mouth guard.

Clearing nasal passages at night may lead to improved moods during the day. Snorers and their partners report a better night’s sleep when Mute is used, waking up more refreshed.

As the ‘Sleep Doctor’ confirmed, Mute may help couples improve their sleep quality. Mute comes in three different sizes to best fit different noses (you can find out what size suits you best here). You can also try each Mute size to see which works best with the Mute trial pack. Once you’ve found the right option, click on the Buy Now page!

1. Institute of Medicine. Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Heath Problem. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press; 2016

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