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Newsletter - February 2023

Can it really help you sleep? How long should you have it playing? We still have more questions than answers but read this brief article to see what other issues you should consider when it comes to this sleep aid.

“With an app or a Zoom call, there’s a personal trainer on hand to help you with everything from your swim stroke to your golf swing, from marriage to parenting, from sleeping to living life itself.” Read about many of the different gadgets that propose to help us measure, and presumably, improve our sleep.

Are you on an obsessive quest to improve something that you may never perfect? Is it the time on your half-marathon, 10K, or any other K run? Perhaps it’s your chess game, or maybe not a game at all. Maybe it’s your sleep stats. Yeah, that’s right. It’s a thing. When is a sleeping coach not a good sleeping coach? When you develop orthosomnia. Never heard of it? Click below to read about it.


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