Jonny Bowden Relates Happy Bedtime Story On TV Network Thanks To Mute

Mute was mentioned by a well-known health author on three major TV networks! We were thrilled when best-selling health author Dr. Jonny Bowden shared his peaceful bedtime tale during an interview on CBS News. He also repeated his messages on ABC and Fox News shows. The healthy lifestyle guru stressed the importance of quality sleep – and how Mute helps you get it – with Cincinnati TV audiences.

Bowden told hosts that sleep replenishes the neurochemicals that help keep our bodies performing at their best. He added: “Scientists don’t know all the things that happen during sleep. They just know that we need it and it nourishes us.”

Unfortunately, snoring can reduce sleep quality for the snorer, as well as for his or her unlucky partner. Bowden said snoring can even impact relationships. “So you want to do something about it. Or get to like your couch a lot better,” he joked.

A Happy Bedtime Story

Bowden’s fiancé was suffering through a horrible cold when he taped these interviews. “She can’t breathe at night. It’s the worst thing.” But Mute helped her get some needed Z’s. “Stick it in and BAM, open airways,” said the relieved health pro during his CBS interview. “It can be adjusted. It is very unobtrusive. And it just works. It helps keeps you sleeping.” Well said, Jonny!

In our latest study, 75 percent* of users snored less when they used Mute. And their partners are sleeping better, too. This small device is placed inside the nose. It opens your nasal passages so you can breathe easier and keep your mouth closed while you sleep. This in turn can reduce the vibrations that cause snoring. And that’s a good thing for couples who value their relationship.

Bowden especially appreciated that Mute comes in several sizes. This provides a more custom fit, something you can’t get with some other snore-relief aids.

Discover your perfect fit with this Mute fit guide. Then jump over to the Buy Now page to start enjoying a better night’s sleep.

*results may vary (n=236, 2014)

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