How Snoring Kills the Mood in the Bedroom

Working very different hours, not sharing the same interests, passion fading away… In the first person or through a friend, we have all experienced these unpleasant relationship issues. But who would have thought that snoring was actually so disruptive to couple’s love lives? Snoring it seems, is causing the snorer’s partner to regularly seek a quieter zone to get some sleep – it is literally building a wall between partners and ruining the intimacy in their relationship.

Without really realising it, snoring is the real relationship killer. We all make light hearted jokes around the hilarity of ambiguous noises that exit our partner’s mouth or nose; however, it is actually a rather more serious matter than we let on. Whether we try to laugh off our embarrassing, uncontrollable behaviour whilst we sleep, or tease our other half, we all know how truly unpleasant snoring can be, and the consequential issues that relationships can face. Of course, naturally it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where problems start, but if we told you now that snoring was a catalyst for relationship issues, many couples would no doubt agree.

So what is the answer to the snoring problem? Customers have found that Mute can change the ambience in the bedroom and help couples get more sleep. Mute is a nasal stent that tackles the problem by opening the airways to help alleviate snoring. In trial results, 75% of couples reported a reduction in the frequency and volume of snoring. Keeping the ‘spare bedroom’ actually ‘spare’ holds more weight than realised!

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