Breathe Your Way To A Better Night’s Rest

The US Centre for Disease Control is calling sleep deprivation a public health epidemic. Our rapid 24×7 go-go lives are making it harder to catch the sleep we need.

Our constant-moving lives, poor sleep habits, electronic screen time etc. are all impacting our sleep…Some people have trouble falling asleep and many have trouble staying asleep. Some of these people may be diagnosed with a sleep disorder but for others it may be because they snore or are not breathing properly. Few people are connecting the quality of their sleep with their breathing.

The Sleep Ambassador, Nancy H Rothstein, encourages us not to take our nose for granted. After all, the nose was designed for breathing and nasal breathing should be the norm day and night… yet, many of us revert to mouth breathing when asleep, especially if our nose is congested or obstructed.

Quite simply – the nose is the healthiest, most efficient and effective way to breathe. Research shows we humidify, warm and filter the air more effectively when breathing through our nose. Maintaining an open airway increases oxygenation, helping enable deeper sleep.

Nancy is on a quest to raise awareness, educate and provide strategies to optimize sleep. She stresses the importance of nasal breathing to a good night’s sleep.

Mute is proud to be part of this important segment on better breathing and sleep.

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