Breathe more

Snore less

Sleep better

The #1 selling internasal dilator


As seen on TODAY.

Did you catch Mute on the Today Show? Big thanks to Carson Daly and Savannah Guthrie for featuring Mute among the special picks from the Health Sleep Awards 2021. Click below to watch the whole segment and fast track your way to a better night's sleep.

Best. Sleep. Ever.

We're thrilled to share that Mute has been selected as part of the Health Sleep Awards 2021: 43 Products for the Best Sleep Ever! Alongside mattresses, pillows, sleep trackers, and more, Mute was hand picked as a favorite product to get that quality shut-eye you want and need.


You can rest easy with Mute.

Made from ultra soft medical-grade polymers, Mute gently holds nasal airways open all night long, increasing airflow by an average of 38% and giving you the quality sleep you deserve.

Breathe more.

78% of users could breathe better at night.

Snore less.

75% of users snored less.

Sleep better.

73% of users' partners reported a reduction in snoring severity.

Improve sleep all night long.

1 in 4 people has trouble breathing through their nose. With Mute, a better night’s sleep is well within reach. 

For a comfortable, personalized fit Mute can be adjusted to ensure it fits just right for you, staying in place all night.

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How to use Mute

Pro tip: Looking in a mirror can be helpful at first — you’ll master Mute in no time.

Hold the bridge of the device with the loops facing you and the paddles facing outward.

Gently place the loops inside your nose and tilt the bridge upwards towards the tip of your nose as you insert.

Mute should sit all the way inside your nose. The bridge should show, spanning the nostrils. If your Mute device is hanging out, it may be too big.

You can easily adjust your device to make it more comfortable. Expand the loops by gently clicking the paddles outward. Each side can be adjusted separately for the perfect fit.

"The first rush of air was amazing.

No congestion, no blockage. The best part was the extra energy I had the next day. My mood was also more hopeful! Things just didn't bother me as much - I think that comes from actually getting a good night's sleep. Mute is a win-win for me."

- Lindsay, a satisfied Mute user