Expert Offers Helpful Tips For Chronically Sleepy Teens

With the school year now in full swing, getting a good night’s rest is especially important for teenagers. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 70 percent of teens don’t get the sleep they actually need. Viewers of ABC Eyewitness News in Chicago got timely advice from The Sleep Ambassador® Nancy Rothstein. She shared tips for teens and parents, which included turning off phones, changing schedules and techniques for improving nasal breathing. We were delighted to learn that The Sleep Ambassador uses Mute and suggested that it may help teens and parents as well.

Host Cheryl Burton lamented that her teens are up all night and want to sleep until noon. “[That is] partly because their biological clock is a little bit different from ours,” explained Rothstein. “Having teens get up at 5 or 6 in the morning is like an adult getting up at 3 a.m.”

Rothstein was ready with top tips for parents, beginning with teens’ use of technology. “I’ve talked to teens, you just can’t take their phone away; it’s like an appendage,” she said. Instead, she suggested having a family pact, where everyone sets a tech curfew. Teens may need some convincing before they agree to turn off their phones a few hours before bedtime. Rothstein explained that a tech curfew is important because it removes the stimulation. “And, [devices are] impeding their melatonin, the sleep hormone, from coming out and doing its work during the night.”

Rothstein’s second tip surprised Burton. “A really, really important thing parents can do is observe their child’s breathing. Peek in during the night and look at them during the the day. Are they breathing through their nose? Why? We were made to breathe through our nose. Our mouths are for talking and for eating. You want to just start to really observe, are they congested? Do they have some kind of nasal obstruction? Do they need to see an [Ear, Nose and Throat specialist]? Do you need to talk to their pediatrician? We should all be breathing in and out through our nose.”

Rothstein suggested that teens use Mute so they can experience what it feels like to breathe better. “I sleep with it almost every night. It opens the nasal airway so you feel and get more [air], because you need that oxygen for your cells and your brain.”

She also reassured audiences that Mute is comfortable. “It’s so smartly designed. And it gives the teen and yourself an opportunity to see what it’s like to breathe properly. And it’s nasal breathing, mouth is closed. ”

Mute is made from ultra-soft medical grade polymers to ensure comfort throughout the night. Be sure to watch our video on how to use Mute, and then use our store locator to buy Mute, or purchase on Amazon.

Guest Blogger Offers Readers Tips For Sleeping Like A Kid Again

EmpowerHER is a website dedicated to improving women’s health and lives, so it is the perfect place for guest blogger The Sleep Ambassador® Nancy Rothstein, to discuss getting a better night’s sleep. Too many of us can’t even remember what a good night’s sleep feels like, maybe because we haven’t experienced it since we were children. We were pleased that Rothstein recommends using Mute as a way to improve sleep by encouraging nasal breathing.

EmpowerHER connects women with a community of reliable doctors and other health and wellness experts. Millions of women access the site to find answers to their health-related questions. Rothstein knows that sleep is a major concern for many women, who no longer even recall the feeling of falling asleep easily and bouncing out of bed in the morning. Here are Rothstein’s top tips for getting back that childhood feeling of waking up completely refreshed.

  • Limit  blue light exposure. Turn off devices an hour before bed to prevent exposure to blue light, which interferes with the sleep hormone, melatonin.
  • Make sleep a priority. Adults should be getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night.
  • Maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Getting up at the same time seven days a week sets your internal biological clock.
  • Don’t mouth breathe at night. If you snore or suffer from congestion at night, you may need to open the nasal airway with a dilator such as Mute.
  • Keep your eyes off the clock. If you wake up during the night, looking at the clock will stimulate your brain to start working.

As Rothstein says, “These tips should make good sleep a reality and not a far-fetched dream.”

If you have trouble breathing through your nose at night, you can find the perfect size of Mute nasal dilators here. Mute comes in small, medium and large, so women can find the perfect fit.

Editor’s note: Nancy Rothstein is a member of Media Relations Inc.’s panel of highly respected third-party experts. She is compensated to express her own professional opinions through the media about certain products.

Warnings About Mouth Breathing

ABC-TV News viewers across Southern California may be a little more reluctant to breathe through their mouths after watching this interview with breathing specialist and author Patrick McKeown. He warned KABC-Los Angeles News anchors Miriam Hernandez and Coleen Sullivan about the health dangers of mouth breathing and over-breathing, and described how using Mute may benefit your brain cells.

Explained McKeown, “Mouth breathing is endemic, both for children and adults, both during the day and also during sleep. It pretty much wreaks havoc … If you breathe through your mouth and breathe hard, there’s less oxygen delivery to the cells.” This makes us more prone to high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, depression, sleep-disordered breathing, asthma and fatigue.

Thankfully, McKeown also shared ways to protect your health. “You can influence your body’s oxygenation by breathing normally. Normal breathing is through the nose, light and quiet. Notice how you breathe through the day and practice how you breathe during your sleep.”

One signal that you may not be breathing well at night is snoring. Said McKeown, “If you think about snoring, it’s the exchange of a large volume through a narrow space. People who snore breathe hard. So what we want to do is open up the nose but we also want to bring down breathing volume. So, there’s breathing re-education: simple exercises that you practice during the day and that help reset the breathing center in the brain, and then your breathing is lighter during sleep. And then open up the nose through nasal dilators, for example Mute.”

Mute helps open the airway during sleep. “If you look at my nostrils, they’re asymmetrical, they’re different sizes so I need to open up the airway.” He described how Mute does the task. “You insert them in the nose. They open up the nose and they make breathing easier.” He added that using Mute helps reduce snoring. 

“I have to emphasize the importance of nose breathing during sleep. If you have your mouth open, you’re twice as likely to have sleep problems including snoring and sleep apnea,” McKeown concluded.

If you think you are a mouth breather during the night, improve your breathing and your sleep by using Mute. Check out our store locator or purchase through using promo code ‘Buteyko’ to receive 20 percent off your next purchase. Also don’t forget to sign up for our Mute Snoring newsletter.

Easy Tip To Awaken More Refreshed

How much more might you get done today if you’d awakened more refreshed this morning? Do you even remember what being wide awake in the morning feels like? It turns out morning grogginess is common. It’s the number one sleep complaint heard by author Michael Gelb, DDS, MS, clinical professor at NYU College of Dentistry. “People are just exhausted on awakening,” he said. Gelb talked with Nieca Goldberg, MD, host of national SiriusXM radio show “Beyond the Heart” and answered listeners’ calls, explaining how they can breathe better, sleep better, protect their health and reduce snoring with over-the-counter products such as Mute.

“It’s not just that we’re not getting enough hours of sleep, it’s about our quality of sleep. Our airways very often are not open enough and we have some degree of constriction or resistance or narrowing of the airway,” said Gelb, an expert on this subject. “Of course it gets worse when you lay down at night.”

You can blame sleeplessness on evolution, not your flat pillow. Gelb explained that, “Our faces are shrinking. As our brains have gotten bigger, our faces have become more recessed.” He noted that kids’ mouths commonly don’t have room for their wisdom teeth anymore, and our jaws and sinuses are shrinking. “It’s become an endemic problem that a lot people have difficulty with their sinuses, difficulty breathing through their nose. And you see that if you walk into a Walgreens, walk into a Duane Reade, how many of these things are being sold over the counter that open up our airways.”

One solution to improve breathing? Gelb drew a lot of interest from listeners after he advised, “To keep the nose open at night we use Mute nasal stents. That just props the nose open, it improves nasal breathing and it really cuts down on snoring.”

As Gelb explained, “It’s adjustable in size, they come in small, medium and large depending on the size of your nostril. It doesn’t let the first part of the nasal airway collapse as we breathe in and breathe out.”

Gelb recommended starting with the simplest solutions for breathing issues: over-the-counter products, such as Mute. If you want to awaken more refreshed and try Mute tonight, you can find it at most major pharmacies. Use our store locator to find Mute, sleep better and feel better.

Capital Idea! These Viewers Learned To “Recycle” Their Sleep

It’s fantastic when a TV host tries your product on air, then grins and says: “Wow!”. That’s what happened when The Sleep Ambassador Nancy Rothstein, MBA, asked an ABC lifestyle program, Good Morning Washington anchor Larry Smith if he wanted to try Mute.

Rothstein was in the capital city of Washington D.C. to chat about why people need to “recycle” their sleep. It’s all part of a more sustainable lifestyle. Rothstein explained why she uses the term ‘recycle’. “[It means] transform your sleep habits so your internal environment is healthy and the environment in which you sleep is conducive for a good night’s sleep.” One way to transform both your internal and external sleep environments is through the use of nasal dilator Mute. It opens your [airway] to increase airflow which may reduce the sound of snoring for your partner.

Restorative sleep helps preserve our overall well being. When sleep is compromised we waste time, energy and lower our productivity. It can even impact our appearance. Just preceding Rothstein’s interview, the hosts reported on a recent sleep study published in Royal Society Open Science, which found that people who were sleep deprived are perceived as less attractive and healthy than those who had a good night’s sleep.

But while dark undereye circles aren’t attractive, Rothstein explained that there may be more serious consequences to not getting enough sleep, “It can lead to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, depression, so many things. Our biology has not changed, our behaviors have. We are compromising our sleep and it’s catching up with us. I’m seeing it more and more.”

One thing that can impact the quality of your sleep is snoring. About 90 million Americans are affected by snoring. “Twenty-four percent of couples sleep in separate rooms because of snoring. So what do you do about it? Well, earplugs are a great solution, but they’re not really a solution because they don’t stop the snoring,” said Rothstein.

Rothstein actually sleeps with Mute every night to open her airway. Personally adjustable, it opens the nasal airway, increasing the ability to breathe better, reducing snoring and enhancing sleep. As Rothstein said, “It’s really a pretty smart device.” Both snorers and their partners report a better night’s sleep when Mute is used.*

Get a start on recycling your sleep! Learn more about using Mute and order your sample pack to get the perfect fit.

Better Sleep: These Viewers Learn How To Nix Morning Grogginess

We all have those days when lack of sleep takes its toll. We discover during a big client meeting that our shoes don’t match. We forget to cancel the babysitter. More than anything, we just wish we could crawl back into bed! Holistic pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos recently appeared on the NBC’s San Antonio Living to discuss some common underlying causes to sleep issues. We were excited that she spent time describing how, for many people, better sleep may be possible by using Mute.

Poor sleep may be common, but it’s not something we should ignore. “I talk to patients every day [who] are not getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep,” Torkos commented. “Some people are just skimping by on four or five hours and let’s face it, you’re tired the next day, your memory doesn’t work well, you feel in slow motion.” She added that there are even possibly serious health effects: increased risk of heart disease, some cancers, weakened immune systems and weight gain.  

Before reaching for over-the-counter or prescription sleep aids, Torkos suggested that audiences address any underlying sleep issues. She also reviewed natural options for better sleep, such as Mute. It is estimated that about 45 percent* of normal adults snore at least occasionally. If you or your partner snores, it could be keeping you awake at night. According to Torkos, “Snoring doesn’t just affect the partner, but the person who’s snoring also has disrupted sleep.”

When snoring is exacerbated by congestion or a deviated septum, using Mute may quiet the noise so both partners get better sleep. Mute is a soft, nasal dilator that is inserted into the nose to open the airway and ease snoring. “There’s three different sizes, small, medium, and large. You can actually get trial packs,” stated Torkos. The trial packs contain all three sizes, so you can find out which size fits you best.  “It instantly opens up the airways,” said Torkos.

In one study, 75 percent** of partners reported a reduction in snoring when Mute was used. It’s a better option than elbowing your partner during the night. According to Torkos, “It can be a marriage saver for some people!”

If, as was host Claudia Garofalo, you’re excited to try Mute tonight, you’ll be happy to discover it can be found at most major pharmacies. Use our store locator to find Mute, sleep better and feel better.

** results may vary. (n=236, 2014 trial)

Viewers Get Natural Tips To Address A “Spring Hangover”

Stress, allergies and congestion can have anyone feeling worn out this time of year, causing what one KRIV morning news host calls a “spring hangover”. While a good night’s rest may seem elusive, there are natural ways to awaken more refreshed. Holistic pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos showed Houston’s Fox Healthwatch viewers her favourite tactics for improving sleep, including Mute.  

Before you reach for an over-the-counter sleep aid, look at the underlying cause. According to Torkos, “Some of the biggest issues are stress and snoring.”

While you might soak away tension in a hot bath, or reduce stress and leg cramps by adding more magnesium to your diet, snoring may require a bit more innovation. It might be you or it might be your partner who snores, but either way Torkos suggested Mute might help. Mute is a nasal dilator which fits easily and comfortably inside the nose. “I love this. You insert this into the nostrils,” said Torkos. “It instantly opens them up and you get a rush of air. It increases airflow.”

By increasing the volume of air traveling through the nose as you sleep, Mute helps improve nasal breathing. This may reduce congestion and in turn reduce snoring, enhancing the quality of your sleep.

If you or your partner feel that “spring hangover” from lack of sleep caused by snoring or congestion, Mute might be an option. It’s easy to use, and comes in small, medium and large. Its adjustable paddles help ensure you get a custom fit. To end your “spring hangover” and get a better night’s rest, order Mute from Amazon or find it at nearby drug stores.

Morning Show Takes Viewers On A Spring Clean Of Their Medicine Cabinets

This year, in addition to spring cleaning your closets and garage, you might also want to clear out your medicine cabinet. Sacramento viewers of the Fox lifestyle show Studio 40 Live learned how to do a natural medicine cabinet makeover, thanks to Sherry Torkos, holistic pharmacist and author. Torkos included Mute in this interview (below) as a natural way to deal with allergies, congestion and snoring. By improving breathing, Mute helps both you and your partner get a better night’s rest.

Just as flinging open the windows while you’re cleaning will give you a delightful breath of fresh air, Mute uses innovative breathing technology – originally developed for athletes – to increase airflow as you breathe through your nose. It is a nasal dilator, like a stent, that comfortably opens the nasal passages.

Torkos explained that, “You insert this into the nasal passages and it instantly opens up the [airway] , increasing airflow.” This is especially helpful if you or your partner suffer from allergies and congestion, or have a deviated septum and have trouble breathing through the nose during the night.


“It’s great for snorers and their partners,” she reported. Restoring good sleep patterns is important as it may guard against risks to health and improve daytime functioning. Both snorers and their partners report a better night’s sleep when Mute is used*, waking more refreshed.


So, don’t let a stuffy nose due to springtime allergies steal your sleep. Better rest may mean you’re more alert and able to enjoy your favorite springtime activities such as hiking, fishing and biking. If you’re new to Mute, start by watching our video on how to use Mute. Then use our store locator to buy Mute so you may start breathing and sleeping better at night.

* Mute user study, 114 couples, 2014. Results may vary.

Learn The Perks Of Sleeping Like A Log

Chronic sleep deprivation can do more than make you grumpy. It may also increase your risk of diabetes, depression, heart disease, weight gain and – according to this interview – a fatal car accident. Leading alternative health expert Bryce Wylde and HealthCentral reporter and registered dietitian Lisa Nelson had lots of advice for optimal sleep hygiene, including using Mute if snoring is creating distracting noise.

Nelson observed that sleep deprivation is a common problem. “As a society, we generally stay up too late and get up too early,” Nelson wrote. “We have overexposure to artificial light, which impedes the hormones that regulate sleep. We interrupt our sleep with drugs and chemicals. We work too many hours sustained on too much caffeine.” She asked Wylde for tips on achieving optimal sleep hygiene.

In addition to avoiding naps and using an eye mask to cut down on light, Wylde had specific advice for reducing bedtime noise. “If you or your partner snores or has congestion, my favorite product on the market right now is appropriately and ingeniously called ‘Mute’ by Rhinomed,” he told Nelson.

Wylde, who snores due to a nasal septal defect, added that “both snorers and their partners report a better night’s sleep when Mute is used, waking more refreshed.” Mute is designed with the nose’s anatomy in mind. It sits comfortably inside the nose and alleviates nasal congestion and obstruction by dilating the airway. This enables easier breathing through the nose and cuts down on the need to breathe through the mouth, a common cause of snoring.

“The reason I love Mute so much,” Wylde continued, “is that it is individually adjustable on each nostril, so it fits all nose types. This enables the device to adjust comfortably to asymmetrical noses or noses with deviated septums. … When you first put in Mute, you get an instant rush of air. You can really feel the difference.”

Other tips Wylde suggested included refraining from pushing the snooze button in the morning, setting your alarm to go off twice a day (once to remind you to go to sleep), using comfortable bedding to help regulate a comfortable temperature and refraining from intense exercise right before bedtime.

Wylde noted that Mute can easily be found at Walgreens, Bartell Drug, CVS  and Duane Reade. To find your nearest retail location, use Mute’s  handy store locator page. Or order online Mute or on Amazon.

Nelson concluded, “You want to sleep like a log: quiet and waking up in nearly the same position you fell asleep in. Use Bryce Wylde’s tips … and you’ll get there!”