The Sleep Doctor Highlights Mute Amongst Products To Help You Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy in our hectic ‘tuned in’ lifestyles.  According to well known author and clinical psychologist, Dr. Michael Breus, there are a few products available that can help you prepare yourself to obtain the best night’s sleep.

As this respected TV personality and sleep disorder specialist identified when he appeared on KTLA in Los Angeles, Mute may help you reduce your snoring by improving your nasal breathing.

We were excited by Dr Breus’ suggestions and that he identified snoring as one of the causes for not getting a good night’s sleep. “This product is called Mute and it’s found at Walgreens… and it’s an internal nasal dilator.”

As Dr Breus outlines when demonstrating Mute: “It helps open up the nasal passages, [and] reduces snoring.”  He shared the tip that if you’ve had a couple of drinks at dinner and have a tendency to snore, then Mute might help keep the nasal airways open, reducing the likelihood of snoring.

Dr Breus confessed his wife often asks him to wear Mute, commenting that: “It makes the whole night much better.”  We couldn’t agree more, Dr Breus!

In clinical trials, 75 percent* of couples reported a reduction in the frequency and volume of snoring when using Mute.

The Sleep Doctor was on TV to share tips on products to help you sleep better. Alongside Mute, he suggested melatonin, a night light, blue-light blocking glasses for tech use, a portable sound device, a special filtered light and a bedside sleep tracker.

He reiterated the importance of setting the right environment for Sleep – and the effect blue light can have on our sleep patterns. “It turns out that 460nm or blue light affects certain cells in the eye and turns off the melatonin faucet,” Dr Breus explains on the Show.

Breus encouraged viewers to ensure that their brain isn’t tricked into thinking it’s morning, by having blue light reach you through bright lights, electronics and bedside reading lamps.

“Melatonin is the key that starts the engine for sleep, so that’s what we want to have going.”

So grab a Mute to try. It’s a great way to give yourself the best chance of a good night’s sleep.

* results may vary. (n=236, 2014 trial)

Natural Tips To Curb Rising Sleeping Pill Epidemic

A great bedtime routine starts first thing in the morning, according to sleep specialist, Dr W Chris Winter, who recently highlighted natural suggestions for a better sleep.

As Medical Director of the Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Centre in Charlottesville, Virginia and author of The Sleep Solution, Dr Jefferson was interviewed by popular magazine ‘First for Women’ in the 4/17/17 issue about his ‘Drug-free keys to restful Zzzs’.

In the article he cites that sleeping pill use has increased by 75% in recent years – with the National Sleep Foundation recently reporting that 67% of women tend to toss and turn most nights.  Not surprisingly, poor sleep is one of the most common health issues that people see their doctor about.

Dr Winter provides six tips that are natural and easy to achieve.

  1. Exercise!  Start your bedtime routine off with a morning walk.  Then some relaxation exercises, such as yoga, before bed helps gear you for a restful sleep.
  2. Take a hot bath, shower or use a heat pack before bed to help raise the body temperature.  As your body cools, you tend to feel drowsy.
  3. Snack on a carb-laden snack like whole-grain cereal and banana can help promote the sleep chemical serotonin prior to bed.
  4. Darken your room.  The darker it is, the more likely you will obtain benefits from the sleep hormone melatonin.
  5. Don’t be too tough on your sleep timetable.  Dr Winter suggests that resting without sleep is good for you too, so try not to stress out if you can’t sleep straight away.

Our favourite tip shared by Dr Winter and ‘First for Women’ is number 6 – to ‘Pick the right sleeping position’.  As Dr Winter outlines, sleeping on your side is ideal because it opens up your airway so you can breathe better, which can also help prevent snoring.  We couldn’t agree more, Dr Winter!

In fact, to further support and maintain an open airway throughout the night, you can also try Mute.  A small, discrete device, Mute sits just inside the nose and gently opens up the nasal passages, enabling a greater inflow of air.  Mute comes in a pack of three (30 nights supply) and is available in three individually adjustable sizes to fit most nose types.  It’s available over-the-counter at selected Walgreens, Duane Reade, Bartell Drugs  and CVS stores.  Click on the store locator to find one closest to you.

Expert On Eye Opener TV Suggests Snoring Device For Noisy Bed Partners

Sure you love them, but sleeping next to a snorer is about as restful as sleeping next to a jackhammer. Instead of constantly waking your partner so you can sleep better, ask them to try Mute. Health specialist Dr. Michael Gelb suggested Mute to TV audiences during his appearance on Eye Opener, a morning show syndicated in Houston, Dallas and Philadelphia. A top expert in breathing-related sleep disorders and author of “Gasp!: Airway Health – The Hidden Path to Wellness”, Gelb explained how Mute may help your partner to sleep snore-free, so both of you can get more rest.

Although snoring is common, its causes are varied. Sometimes it’s caused by deformities of the nasal septum or other internal nasal structures. As Gelb explained to host Courtenay DeHoff, one of the biggest culprits is a blocked nasal airway. Opening that airway helps improve oxygen flow, which may help reduce snoring and lead to better sleep.

When DeHoff asked Gelb about ways to help reduce snoring, Gelb had a great and simple suggestion: Mute. “You can find these in most stores,” he said. “This actually goes in the nose, and it keeps the nose from closing at night.” Once the snorer inserts Mute, they should notice an instant increase in nasal airflow. Gelb explained that if someone has a cold, or just cannot breathe through their nose, Mute may help alleviate their snoring.  In a recent trial, 75 percent* of Mute users found it reduced or stopped their snoring. Using Mute over time to open nasal airways may help obtain better sleep. Sleep has a profound impact on our health. If sleep fails, then health declines, decreasing quality of life(1).

For a better night’s sleep, snorers and their partners may want to take Gelb’s advice and try Mute. After all, this health specialist has been treating people with breathing-related sleep disorders for more than 30 years. Discover which size Mute fits best, and buy it now!

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Mute Your Snoring This World Sleep Day

The motto of this year’s World Sleep Day is “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life.” but many people across the world are asking how they can sleep soundly at night if their partner snores?

Snoring is a major cause of sleep disruption in the UK, with research from YouGov revealing that 75% of British adults snore. However, help is at hand in the form of Mute, a nasal device that is easily adjustable to fit most nose types, to help consumers breathe more and snore less.

Mute is discrete and sits comfortably inside the nose, gently expanding the nasal passages to help snorers or those with blocked noses to breathe more easily. Mute encourages nasal breathing and reduces the need to open the mouth during sleep – factors that are critical to reducing snoring and improving sleep for the snorer and their partners.

Michael Johnson, CEO of health technology company Rhinomed, and co-inventor of Mute for snoring, said:

“The consequences of snoring to the partner cannot be understated. The BSSAA says that bed partners of snorers lose a lot of sleep and visit their GP more often than the partners of non-snorers.

“Products such as Mute, which represent the very latest in breathing technology, are designed to  reduce the incidence of snoring by allowing the snorer to breathe more easily, through the nose..

“On this World Sleep Day it’s important we don’t forget the role snoring has in impacting both the quality and amount of sleep.”

Nancy H. Rothstein, The Sleep Ambassador, is a recognised leader, lecturer, and consultant on sleep. She said:

“Sleep is not a luxury but an essential requirement for life. As you sleep, your body and brain are busy at work restoring and rejuvenating so that your waking hours are more productive and healthy.

“In our 24/7 culture, we have lost respect for sleep. Our biology has not changed, but our behaviour has and it’s playing havoc with our sleep, compromising our health and ability to function well. 

“You must sleep well to live well. Don’t underestimate what you lose when you don’t get the quality and quantity of sleep you need. Your brain and body miss out on essential functions.”

Jenny Chapman is Britain’s loudest snorer and a user of Mute. She was recorded snoring at over 111 decibels, eight decibels louder than a low flying jet. She said:

“I’ve snored since I was five years and over the years I’ve tried pretty much everything in order to reduce my snoring and give my husband Colin a good night’s rest. The sound often wakes me up and most nights my husband Colin has to retreat to the spare room.

“However, since discovering Mute my husband has said my snoring is much quieter, which means he is able to sleep better at night.”
Mute is now available through Boots and as well as online at

‘Recycle Your Sleep’ This World Sleep Day

We recycle to protect our environment but how are we protecting our most precious resource, our bodies?  This World Sleep Day, The Sleep Ambassador®, Nancy H Rothstein, offers tips to support sleep and help sustain health and wellbeing.

When we compromise our sleep, we waste time, energy and productivity during our days. The more sleep deprived we become, the more it taxes our bodies.  Sleep has a profound impact on our health.  If sleep fails, then health declines, decreasing quality of life(1,2). In fact, shortened sleep has been linked to about half of the leading causes of death in the US(3).

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 30% of adults average less than 6 hours of sleep per day(4), well below the recommended 7-8 hours.

“Having inadequate quality and quantity sleep impacts health, weight, safety, relationships, productivity, and decision-making processes,” argues Rothstein.

So what tips can we use to gain solid, sustainable sleep?  As Rothstein outlines, adapting to new sleep habits can take time and is not always easy, but noticeable sleep improvement can happen swiftly.

“Don’t ‘clock watch’ if you awake during the night and certainly stop the consumption of alcohol 3-4 hours before bed and caffeine at least 6 hours prior, to help mitigate interference with your sleep cycles,” comments Rothstein.

“Of course, you can have the best sleep habits in the world but if you can’t breathe properly through your nose then you won’t have a good night’s sleep – so ensure you have a supportive pillow and a device like Mute may be the answer to open up the nasal airways while you sleep.”

There are close to 100 disorders of sleep and up to 45% of the world’s population are affected(5). Snoring, one form of sleep disordered breathing, interferes with sleep quality and sleep quantity – both for the person who snores and often also for those that sleep with or near the snorer.

As Rothstein outlines: “Sleep quality is as essential as sufficient quantity of sleep.  So, if your sleep is disturbed by a snoring bedmate, encourage them to seek medical evaluation for a sleep disorder.  If that’s not the cause, a device like Mute may be the answer to open the nasal airways and reduce snoring. And alas, sound sleep for you and the snorer!”

Participants from over 76 countries are taking part in a global call to action this World Sleep Day on March 17, 2017.  Hosted by World Sleep Society, the goal is to make people cognizant of the many burdens sleep problems can bring – from reduced productivity to the impact on families, individual health, and overall wellbeing.

So, this World Sleep Day, Rothstein encourages us to honour our bodies by getting some more zzz’s, as well as trying Mute, which might give you the kind of sleep you’d happily sustain.

About World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day is an annual event that calls to action important issues related to sleep using collaborative efforts energised by sleep professionals all over the world.  The focus of WSD is to bring cognisance to the many burdens of sleep problems. 2017 is the 10th annual World Sleep Day.  The day is created and hosted by World Sleep Society.

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Oregon Viewers Learn That Mute Opens Nasal Airways For Better Sleep

What can you do right now to sleep better tonight? Board certified nutritionist and fitness expert Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, suggests stopping by your local pharmacy to buy Mute. Bowden revealed his favourite sleep tips during a recent interview on AM Northwest, a morning TV show on Portland, Oregon’s KATU-TV. He explained that Mute opens the nasal airway, which may stop snoring and help viewers get a better sleep.

Bowden stressed to host Helen Raptis that a good night’s sleep is critical. “This is the thing people need to know about sleep: It is not something that’s casual. All kinds of important things happen during sleep. Neurochemicals are replaced, bones and joints are repaired, cerebral spinal fluid flows through the brain and washes away waste products.”

Snoring can also affect personal relationships, he confirmed. “I cannot tell you how many relationships have been affected by snoring.  There’s just nothing romantic about hearing somebody sawing logs. That goes for women as well. I’ve heard of people having to sleep in separate bedrooms. This is not good for relationships, it’s not good for your physiology and it’s not good for your mental health.”

To help clear nasal blockage – one of the biggest causes of snoring – Bowden suggested Mute, which is easy to find because it’s available over the counter. “It’s just a little stent, and you put it into your nostrils. The minute you put it in, you feel a rush of air.” Mute is also reusable. “You can use it for a few nights, and one package will last you for the entire month. It’s just a great little device.”

For those interested in taking immediate action to sleep better tonight, Bowden suggested stopping at a local pharmacy to pick up a package of Mute. To find a store near you, or to purchase online, visit Mute is also available at

Sleep expert recommends Mute on LIVE with Kelly!

Kelly Ripa may be getting more rest lately, thanks to Mute. Her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, tried Mute during a recent LIVE with Kelly segment, and proclaimed that it felt good! Like 90 million people across the America(1), Consuelos snores. In a segment called ‘The Snoring Survival Guide’, Michael Breus, Ph.D., aka the ‘Sleep Doctor’, suggested that Consuelos try Mute as a helpful over-the-counter snoring solution.

Breus explained that snoring is actually air turbulence in the airway. Air comes in too fast through narrow airways and causes snoring. Breus suggested Mute to improve breathing. We were so excited when Consuelos tried Mute on TV.

Breus explained that not everyone who snores is overweight, citing exercise and alcohol as two other common reasons why someone might snore now and then. He also revealed that Consuelos’ snoring is impacting Ripa’s ability to get a good night’s sleep.

When Ripa asked about solutions to her husband’s snoring, Brues quipped: “I’ve saved more marriages as a sleep doctor than I ever would have as a marital therapist by fixing snoring.” Breus had Consuelos try Mute in front of the show’s millions of TV viewers. “It’s an internal nasal dilator called Mute,” Breus explained. “It actually goes inside the nose and it actually opens up the nostrils.”

While Consuelos had a positive reaction to Mute, he had mixed reactions to the other suggestions, which included a wedge pillow and a mouth guard.

Clearing nasal passages at night may lead to improved moods during the day. Snorers and their partners report a better night’s sleep when Mute is used, waking up more refreshed.

As the ‘Sleep Doctor’ confirmed, Mute may help couples improve their sleep quality. Mute comes in three different sizes to best fit different noses (you can find out what size suits you best here). You can also try each Mute size to see which works best with the Mute trial pack. Once you’ve found the right option, click on the Buy Now page!

1. Institute of Medicine. Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Heath Problem. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press; 2016

Lifezette Article Gives Couples Advice On How To Mute Snoring Issues

Well-known alternative health expert Bryce Wylde snores, and his wife isn’t too happy about it. In his LifeZette digital magazine article, this best-selling author revealed to millions of readers how using Mute is pleasing his wife and may save him a trip to the surgeon’s office. Other couples in a similar situation may want to take note.

Wylde has traveled the world seeking natural alternatives, but admitted that a good snoring product has been hard to find. “I’ve tried everything, even sewing a tennis ball into the back of my pyjama  top – seriously. And I know I’m not alone in trying to find something, anything, that will work. Some 90 million Americans are affected by snoring.”

Wylde also acknowledged that snoring can create marriage and relationship issues. “Twenty-four percent of couples actually sleep in separate rooms because of snoring, according to the National Sleep Foundation,” he noted. And the effects of snoring extend beyond that. “Two out of every five people (17 to 23 percent) indicate their intimate/sexual relationships are affected because they are too sleepy. Another 51 to 62 percent agree that not getting enough sleep impacts their relationships with family or friends.”

Wylde listed seven natural remedies, including his personal choice, Mute. “A sleep aid known as Mute is a patented nasal technology that had radically improved the way I breathe, sleep and even run,” Wylde wrote. “It’s a simple drug-free nasal device that you insert effortlessly.” Mute works from the inside, comfortably opening the nasal airways to enable better airflow. “I’ve found this hugely helpful – and as someone who values their sleep, this has meant the world to my wife!” Wylde, whose deviated septum causes his snoring, also said that Mute saved him a trip to the surgeon to get his nose fixed.

For better sleep, Wylde also suggested in his article include sticking to a regular sleeping schedule, watching what you eat and drink, shutting down lights and electronics before bed, avoiding long naps, daily exercise and stress management.

Open nasal passages may help snorers breathe easier and keep their mouths closed while they sleep. Similar to a stent, Mute may help clear those nasal passages. In fact, in a user trial  study, 75 percent* of users snored less when they used Mute.

If you or your spouse snore, particularly where nasal obstruction and congestion is an issue, consider adding Mute to your shopping list the next time you’re at the drug store, or go to the Buy Now page. Mute comes in three different sizes to best fit different noses (discover what size you need with this fit guide).


*results may vary (2014 User Trial n=236, 2014)